Today's Brighter REality

The name “Khe Sanh” is known around the world as one of the fiercest battlefields of the Vietnam War.  Due to its remarkable preservation and scenic location, it has come to represent everyone’s battleground.

Now, veterans and friends of all ages, from all sides of war, have joined forces to build a Peace Garden here.  The Garden will occupy a large section of the old Combat Base next to an impressive war museum at the Khe Sanh Historic Site in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam.

At Khe Sanh, visitors can experience both the dramatic history of bitter warfare as well as today’s brighter reality of friendship and reconciliation.  Here, at this special place, visitors can feel the return to peace that brings us full circle from a darker past.

“The plan to establish a peace garden on the site of the former combat base at Khe Sanh uplifts my spirit, re-energizes my soul, and makes me believe more strongly than ever in the brotherhood and sisterhood of the world.” 

Dennis Mannion, Marine, Khe Sanh siege 1968

"The Khe Sanh Peace Garden is revolutionizing the healing process for veterans of multiple generations. It gives me an opportunity to serve in the veteran community, learn from those who came before me, and gives me a great hope that one day my generation can return to Iraq."

Colby Williamson, Marine, Fallujah Iraq siege 2004


Please join us today to help build the Khe Sanh Peace Garden