WHY Khe Sanh?


Imagine a place where people who once fought against each other, on that very land, come together in peace.  Imagine warriors uniting as friends.  Imagine people seeking respite from conflict in a beautiful garden built on ground that was undoubtedly one of the fiercest battlefields in history.  Think of the healing that is possible.  This vision is now a hope-filled reality at the Khe Sanh Peace Garden in the Province of Quang Tri, Vietnam.

The Khe Sanh Peace Garden is located on the historic Khe Sanh Combat Base in one of the most scenic areas of Central Vietnam. It is a meaningful destination for people of all backgrounds who have been affected by conflict and now desire integration and restoration.   By reclaiming our spirits in the aftermath of war, the Garden reminds us that we continually create the world in which we live.

About the KheSanh Peace Garden


1) What is the KheSanh Peace Garden?

At the present time, a small Sanctuary Garden of trees planted by veterans and friends exists west of the Museum on the Historic Site of the old KheSanh Combat Base.  The KheSanh Peace Garden will eventually include seven hectares (17 acres) of beautiful groves and gardens planted by veterans and friends of all ages, from all backgrounds. The larger Peace Garden will be on the Combat Base, east of the Museum, which is located in Quang Tri Province, Central Vietnam.


2) How did the KheSanh Peace Garden begin?

A small grove of avocado trees was planted in March of 2012 on the site of the historic KheSanh Combat Base by a multigenerational group of US veterans and friends together with a group of Vietnamese veterans. Together, these veterans and family members planted trees and placed incense at a small shrine to honor the memories of fallen friends on all sides of battle. Again in 2014 and 2015, US veterans of the Vietnam and Iraq wars planted trees here with local Vietnamese veterans. These events were sponsored by PeaceTreesVietNam and documented in the film “Soldiers’ Sanctuary”

PeaceTreesVietNam, a Seattle based humanitarian organization with a 20 year history of successful and effective work in Quang Tri Province, was the original sponsor of the KheSanh Peace Garden and provided invaluable help to get the Garden started.  Changes in the health of a key KheSanh Garden principal necessitated that the official planning of the Garden be paused in August 2017, and the Memorandum of Understanding between PTVN and the Quang Tri government was inactivated.  The Quang Tri government has indicated that when the management team is restructured, they will cooperate with a new review of the project.


3) Where is the KheSanh Peace Garden?

The KheSanh Peace Garden is located at the site of the historic KheSanh Combat Base (known in Vietnam as “Ta Con Airport Historic Site”) near the town of KheSanh, Quang Tri Province, Vietnam. This was a fierce battleground during two different periods of the war in Vietnam.

This beautiful garden represents the final chapter of the Vietnam War. Further, it stands as a powerful symbol for the opportunity of reconciliation and peace available to soldiers on any side of any armed conflict.


4) What happens at the KheSanh Peace Garden?

All visitors to the Ta Con Airport Historic Site (KheSanh Combat Base) are welcome to visit and enjoy the small Sanctuary Garden that now exists west of the Museum.  Visitors can also walk and informally tour the future site of the 7-hectare KheSanh Peace Garden. Along with visitors from around the world, veterans and friends from all sides of any armed conflict are welcome here.  You will meet new and diverse friends as well as local farmers working in the fruit and vegetable areas of the Garden.

Dedicated tree plantings on the grounds can be arranged by contacting us at info@khesanhgarden.org


5) Who manages the KheSanh Peace Garden?

KheSanh Garden, Inc. a 501-C-3 Utah corporation is the lead organization in the United States. The Landscape and Relic Preservation Center of Quang Tri Province is the lead organization in Vietnam.

The Quang Tri Provincial government and the local HuongHoa District veterans’ organization support and encourage veteran meetings and tree plantings. The Garden will be built and maintained by private contributions from Friends of KheSanh Peace Garden. Tree planting events and special veteran meetings can be arranged at this site by contacting us at info@khesanhgarden.org


 6) Can I become a Friend of the KheSanh Peace Garden?

Yes. You are welcome to become a Friend of the KheSanh Peace Garden.  Click on the “Become a Friend“ tab on our website and send us your name and email address to join our group. There are no dues or fees for membership. We will keep you informed of progress and special events at the Garden.


7) How do I contribute money to the KheSanh Peace Garden?

KheSanh Garden, Inc, the official project organization, is 501-C-3 qualified.  You can use a credit card or PayPal account to make a tax-deductible donation toward the cost of construction and ongoing maintenance by clicking the DONATE button on our Donate page.  

If you prefer, you can mail a check payable to KheSanh Garden to:

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Your donation to the KheSanh Peace Garden is a great help at this time.